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Some of those new synthetic anti-wrinkle skin care products could cause permanent damage to the muscles that control facial expressions. They were rushed to market without adequate research and the long-term health effects are unknown.

Many of them may be removed from the market in the US because the FDA has evaluated the claims and thinks they should be classified as new "drugs". For many years, most topically applied creams were considered safe, because they did not penetrate the epidermis, so they could do little long term damage.

These new anti-wrinkle skin care products use the latest nanotechnology so that the synthetic chemicals can penetrate the skin's layers, enter the muscles and cause temporary paralysis. Nanotechnology is great, as long as the ingredients are vitamins and nutrients that provide nourishment to the "starving" epidermis, but these new chemicals are not nourishing at all.

The temporary paralysis is the same thing that Botox injections cause. There have been numerous cases of Botox "migrating" into other areas and causing a variety of unwanted side effects, ranging from drooping eyelids to death.

The companies that provide the anti-wrinkle skin care products that contain the paralysing chemicals believe that the quantity included is not sufficient to cause adverse reactions and if applied correctly, it should only affect the desired muscles. But, what if it isn't applied correctly? And, what if your children of grandchildren got into it?

Those are the risks you take but you don't have to. If you treat your body (and your skin's a big part of that) correctly, then you can look and feel better without the use of synthetic and potentially damaging chemicals, just by following a few simple steps.

Read dietary recommendations from dermatologists. Avoid overexposure to the sun. Choose anti-wrinkle skin care products that do not contain petrolatum, mineral oils, fragrances or preservatives. Better still; go for natural skin care products.

Petrolatum and mineral oils are counterproductive because they increase the effects of ageing. They clog the pores. They do not moisturise. They simply prevent moisture from escaping. If used daily, they cause excessive dryness, which in turn causes the skin to sag and increases wrinkles.

Fragrances and preservatives are the two most common allergens. Even if you think you are not sensitive to them, you become more sensitive as you get older.

The only preservative that anti-wrinkle skin care products should contain is natural vitamin E. The vitamin preserves the compounds in the bottle, just as it preserves the beauty of your face.

If you are a woman, you should look for a daily facial cream that contains protein peptides, Coenzyme Q10, Wakame kelp, passion fruit extract, palm oil and grape seed oil. If you are a man, you should use a daily face cream instead of aftershave.

It should contain many of the same ingredients that are found in the woman's variety, but instead of passion fruit extract, it should contain Capua CU butter and vitamin B5 because they provide natural protection from the sun and help heal razor burns. Witch hazel should also be included because it is naturally soothing and reduces redness and inflammation.

Conclusively, whenever you are looking for skin care products that have no side effect, natural skin care product is what you should consider. While there are several synthetic products out there, you just need to know what to look for; natural skin care products!


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