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The human skin is the largest of all the body organs. It serves as the first line of defense against the hazards of the physical environment we live in. The incessant contact of the body with several hazardous pollutants of the environment can have a great effect on the skin’s natural appearance and health. It is only through proper maintenance and good care of the skin that can protect it from damaging and from rapidly losing its lucrative and luster appearance.

Recently, there has been a wide variety of natural and organic products, like vegetables, farm products generally, drugs and medications, and also skin care products. These skin care products have already attracted lots of attractions especially among market women all over the world and they are always anticipating for the latest trend of natural skin care products.

Over years, specialists and skin care producers have explored several ways to improve the products they manufacture and elucidate new discoveries to meet the dynamic needs of men and women. One of the notable achievements is the discovery and thereafter tapping of indigenous traditional ingredients in making natural organic skincare products.

There have aroused several questions than answers in respect to the nature and usefulness of these natural organic products. Such questions include:

What is it made of?

What is its difference from every other skin care products?

What benefit can users derive from it?

Consequent upon this, we have highlighted answers to the above inquiries.
Natural Organic Skincare products do not irritate the skin and hence, are not allergic to the body. Unlike chemical-based products which are manufactured in the laboratory, these products are made from natural and local ingredients like flower and plants extracts. Continuous usage of these products does not also result into pimples, blackhead, itchiness, rashes or other skin-related diseases, unlike the synthesised ones. In fact, the presence of Vitamin E content enhances gaseous exchange via the pores, thereby giving it more glowing effect. Also, it does not result in skin cancer and neither increases the risk of getting it.

Natural original contents are safe and can be used on different skin types. It can be used on any of dry or oily skin. In as much as there is no chemical ingredient in the product, there has not been any side effect recorded till date. They can be used anytime, all the time. Related studies and researches have shown a greater rate of acceptance of natural skin care products by dermatologists and they have been stamped with the seal of safety and quality.

They are always available at low or no cost. Natural skin care products can be purchased in common drug stores, convenient stores or fancy shops. Also, several producers have bridged the gap between the users and the products by bringing them to the market. Also, there are more expensive natural products while plant extracts can be gotten directly without any stress nor cost. This, however, depends on individual’s budget.

Basically, natural organic skin care products are environmentally friendly as they are bio-degradable and does not cause any form of pollution not emit toxin.

The increased demand for natural skin care products in the market is evidence of the prevalent demand of organic products in market, Women, especially; now prefer make-ups, foundation, lipsticks, powders, and other cosmetics that are natural and organic. Also, the demand for these products up to the grassroots has increased tremendously.



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